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When my son Alex was born, he had very dry skin, cradle cap and was prone to eczema. The doctor prescribed various steroid creams and treatment shampoos that were supposed to ease the discomfort. I later realised these would only provide temporary relief as the conditions were ongoing!  I tried using other baby skincare products labelled ‘natural and organic’, but they only made things worse. So the journey began to find a solution.

The only way I could be sure the products I used on my baby didn’t contain anything nasty was to make them myself. After extensive research I enrolled on a natural soap making course and soon became totally addicted. The most important ingredient I discovered along the way was Shea Butter. In its pure form, this emollient is unsurpassed in maintaining and protecting delicate skin. I added Shea Butter to all my formulations along with the purest natural oils and ingredients. It wasn’t long before I saw a marked improvement in Alex’s skin. By that time, I was expecting my second baby, so I decided to make more oils and body butters for me and the new arrival!

Fast forward three years, two children, plenty of tears and tantrums (me and the children!) and I was expecting my third baby. I continued to make my creams and lotions, testing them not in a lab, (certainly not on animals) but on my children, Alex, Abi and Seb and ALL our friends and family. Their positive feedback was hugely encouraging and they all went on to place orders for their friends and families. That was when I decided it was time to share my fabulous natural skincare products with the world.

I named the company ‘Shea Mooti’ because every product contains the purest, natural form of ‘Shea’ Butter, ethically sourced  AfriKids’ Daughters, a multi-cooperative in northern Ghana. ‘Mooti’ comes from ‘Muti’ meaning ‘tree’ in Shona – the language of my native Zimbabwe. Put it all together and the Shea Mooti ‘Tree of Life’ was born. I’m so excited to have created a range of pure, natural products for mothers and babies made with the highest quality ingredients. Welcome to a world of naturally gorgeous, pampered skin for you and your baby.

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