Caring for your winter newborn

October 9, 2018

You know that horrible feeling when your alarm goes off in the morning and you have to leave the comfort of your snuggly duvet for a brisk shower in the dark? Multiply that feeling by a million and that's how a newborn baby might feel about swapping the familiar, cosy warmth of mum's tummy for the strange surroundings of a cold British winter. 

If your due date is just around the corner, make your little one's transition into the real world easier this winter by following these simple tips:

  1. Dress your baby appropriately for the cold weather. The general rule is that your baby should be wearing an extra layer than whatever it is that you're wearing.
  2. Swaddle your baby in a cellular blanket to keep them warm without overheating. Layer up thinner blankets so you can easily remove one if it gets too hot in the bedroom. Sleep bags are useful too -- they ensure that babies stay warm at night, especially if they like to wriggle around a lot and shimmy their way out of the covers.
  3. Keep your baby close to you so that your body temperature helps them to regulate their own. In fact, skin to skin contact is recommended by experts to strengthen the bond between mother and baby. Plus, there's no reason why dad can't get involved too.
  4. At bath time turn on the heating well in advance and shut the doors to make sure that the room feels nice and toasty. Have your baby's clothes ready and keep a warm towel close by so you can wrap them up and dress them quickly.
  5. Prepare your baby's skin for the winter chill by taking extra care to keep it moisturised and soft. Use Rub-a-Bye-Body and Scalp Oil as a massage oil just before bed to help your little one relax and unwind. The hydrating oil with soothe any dry spots and create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin.


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