Preparing your skin for pregnancy

July 9, 2018

Planning on getting pregnant? Along with taking folic acid, eating a balanced diet and tracking your ovulation, you should start taking better care of your skin to prep it for the changes your body is set to undergo in the nine months it takes to make a baby.

During pregnancy the skin can begin to feel tight, uncomfortable and dry (especially around the baby bump and breasts) if you don't moisturise regularly. The drier your skin, the more likely that you'll develop stretch marks as the fibres in your skin begin to stretch, and eventually snap, to make room for baby. However, with a little bit of planning, you can prepare your skin for pregnancy, (even before the two lines appear on your test!) and reduce the risk of developing stretch marks.

Here are two fantastic natural moisturisers that you can use before, during and after pregnancy to keep it feeling soft, smooth and supple:

Mama's Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil

Formulated specifically for soon-to-be-mama's and pregnant women, this silky oil improves the skin's elasticity and prevents stretch marks. Loaded with Omega 3, 6 and 9 enriched oils, this showstopping moisturiser absorbs quickly, boasts a subtle but delicious mandarin scent and is non-greasy, which means you can get dressed immediately after application. The smooth consistency makes it easy to rub over the tummy and it lends the skin a protective sheen. Once you do get pregnant, massaging your baby bump daily will also help you to bond with your little one.

Mama's Everything Body Balm

A blend of hydrating Shea Butter, natural oils and fragrant lavender, this luxuriously rich balm is an absolute treat for parched skin. Apply it over your tummy, breasts, and thighs to condition your skin for pregnancy or use over chapped lips, cracked heels and ashy elbows to soften, protect and moisturise.

Take care to moisturise every day with these two gorgeous products and to continue throughout pregnancy and after the birth to keep your skin feeling soft and supple.


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