What are Keep in Touch Days?

September 26, 2018

Keep in Touch Days, or KIT days, allow new mums to work for up to 10 days during their leave without it affecting their right to maternity pay. They are useful for self-employed mums because they allow them to complete essential tasks during maternity leave, helping to safeguard their income for when it's time to go back to work.

When can I take KIT days?

These days can be taken at any time during maternity leave, except for the initial two week period after the birth of your baby. They don't have to be taken consecutively so you can take one day for 10 weeks, 5 days for 2 weeks or any other pattern of days as long as you only work a total of 10 days or less.

If you surpass the 10 days you will lose the right to your maternity pay for that week. However, you will still recieve the money you've earnt through your extra days of work.

Can I split a KIT day over a few days?

No you can't. Even if you spend a single hour back at work or checking emails at home that counts as a full KIT day. That means it's best to try and organise your KIT day beforehand so you can make the most of it.

Why take KIT days?

KIT days are useful for self employed people because they can maintain their business while they're on leave.

They also help those who recieve a salary from an employer to stay in touch with their workplace. KIT days can even be used to help you phase back into work towards the end of your maternity leave.

Do you have to take KIT days?

No you don't. Your employer can't make you take them but lots of people like to take up the offer because it keeps them up to speed with work and career.


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