Free things you can do for her on Valentine’s Day

February 18, 2016

Celebrate Valentine’s at home with the baby.

A small gesture can go a long way in making a new mum feel appreciated.

If you’ve just welcomed a new baby into your family you’ve probably got a lot on your plate right now. From sleepless nights and dirty nappies to night feeds and colic, it can all get a bit overwhelming, which means there’s little time left for planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for the new mama in your life.

However, help is at hand! There are plenty of things you can do for your partner that you don’t need to pre-plan for and won’t cost you a penny:

  1. Tidy the house – a little bit of elbow grease will go a long way. Organise, vacuum, wipe-down and dust so that mum can get on with caring for baby.
  2. Cook a delicious meal – make a proper meal that you can sit down to with your other half. Bring out the candles, the fancy crockery and napkins.
  3. Take over baby duties – give mama a break by handling every dirty nappy, burp and bottle.
  4. Offer to handle the night feeds – allow mummy to get a bit more kip by doing the night feeds.
  5. Massage mama’s feet – use a moisturising balm to nourish cracked heels and soothe tired ankles.
  6. Get the laundry done – put the washing on, get the clothes dried, folded and in the right wardrobes.
  7. Run a relaxing bath – add a touch of relaxing bath soak to the tub and give mama an hour to herself.
  8. Do Valentine’s on a different day to suit your family routine – if you’re busy on the 14th there’s no reason why you can’t move the celebrations to another day. However, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year so most of you should be good to go!

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