Making warm nights comfortable for babies with eczema

August 7, 2018

Hot nights make for very fussy bedtimes for babies suffering from eczema. The dry conditions and the rising temperatures make tots sweat more, which exacerbates the itch and leads to general discomfort and difficulty in sleeping.

Here's what to do to make bed-time bearable for your bubba when the hot weather strikes:

  1. Dress your baby in breathable cotton clothing that keeps the skin cool over synthetic babygrows and pjs. Loose clothes don't aggravate existing eczema like tight fitting nightwear does.
  2. Instead of a single thick blanket choose lighter layers that can be easily removed when the heat becomes too much to bear. Cellular blankets that feature small holes evenly placed throughout are ideal because they allow the air to circulate around your baby. 
  3. Switch the bedding for cotton sheets and blankets.
  4. If your baby prefers the security of a sleeping bag, opt for a one with a lighter tog rating.
  5. A bath just before bedtime will remove any perspiration from your baby's skin. Take care to wash in-between the folds around the neck and legs and use a gentle soap that cleanses the skin without removing moisture from the surface. Remember, dryness will likely make eczema worse so use mild products free from additives and fragrances that work with the skin's natural moisture levels.
  6. Moisturise your baby's skin immediately after bathtime while the skin is slightly damp. This will lock in the moisture and reduce itchiness immediately.
  7. Always have a bottle on standby or be ready to breastfeed because it's likely the heat will make your little one thirstier than normal. Sometimes nursing can soothe a baby back to sleep too.


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