Why is pregnancy making me so tired?

January 23, 2017

Morning sickness is a common first sign of pregnancy but along with the telltale nausea can come a wave of inexplicable tiredness.

Many pregnant women feel that sleep overcomes them during the day, even in the first trimester when their exhaustion can't be put down to the strain of carrying extra baby weight. So why does it happen?

  • During pregnancy your hormones change and your progesterone levels are expecially high, triggering fatigue.
  • Low blood sugar levels and blood pressure also make you feel sleepy and keen to nap.
  • If morning sickness is preventing you from eating regularly your blood sugar levels will fall, again making a late afternoon kip sound like heaven.
  • Remember your body is making a placenta so it's using up lots of extra energy.


Take it easy on yourself during pregnancy. Your body's signals are signposts that you might need to slow down, pay more attention to your diet and take regular breaks. Treat your mind and your body kindly for a happier and healthier pregnancy.



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