Why is dandruff worse in winter?

December 15, 2016

If your dandruff seems to get worse in winter you might have put it down to the frosty air. But actually, it's not the wintry weather that exacerbates dandruff -- it's the things that we do to protect ourselves from the chill that make it worse.

Wearing a hat every day heats up your scalp and increases sweat production. This excess perspiration irritates the scalp and can make it feel itchy and uncomfortable. If you regularly wear a hat outdoors in winter and you've noticed an uptick in those pesky white flakes it might be useful to say bye bye to that beret.

We also tend to put the central heating on a lot more over the winter, which dries out the air around us and makes our scalps feel drier too. The dry skin cells sitting on the surface of our scalps begin to flake off faster, resulting in more dandruff than usual.

There's little we can do about having to put the heating on when the temperature drops; we'd rather have dandruff than frostbite right? However, we can reduce dandruff by treating our scalp to a regular cleansing and moisturising routine that keeps the skin cells hydrated and slows down the regeneration process.

Apply Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp Oil to your crown to moisturise and protect your skin and hair. Simply massage it onto your scalp and allow the natural oils to soften the skin before washing it off in the shower. You'll soon have dandruff-free hair before you know it!


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