What's a linea nigra?

April 9, 2016

Hormone changes during pregnancy can cause your skin to darken. During the second trimester of pregnancy you may find that a dark vertical line has appeared on your baby bump, which crosses through your belly button and down towards your pubic bone. This is known as a pregnancy line or linea nigra (it means black line in Latin).

It's very common for pregnant women to develop a linea nigra, although not all do, and it doesn't pose any health risks. Women with a darker complexion are more likely to develop it than women with a light complexion and it's more of a dark brown colour than black. This dark line will start to fade and become lighter after the baby comes in a similar way to how stretch marks fade.

You can help the skin over your baby bump to recover from pregnancy by massaging it with a moisturising body oil that evens out the skin tone and boosts elasticity. We've blended Baobab Oil with Shea Butter to create the perfect antidote to soothing dry, itchy skin that needs a touch of TLC in Mama's Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil. The healing oils are quick to absorb and lend the skin a gorgeous velvety feel, which softens and protects. Use it during pregnancy and beyond to help to balance out an uneven complexion and skin tone.


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