What do kangaroos have to do with babies?

June 9, 2017

Has your midewife talked to you about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact? Kangaroo care is a very similar method and describes the act of placing your baby directly onto your chest immediately after the birth and for the months afterwards. Mums essentially keep their babies close, just like a mummy kangaroo and a baby joey, by tucking their little one under their clothing, creating a little pouch of security.

Recommended for premature babies that need help regulating their body temperature in particular, kangaroo care helps to keep newborns warm and strengthens the bond between mother and baby. Studies show that kangaroo care also helps preterm babies to thrive by reducing stress and helping them to feel secure.

Skin-to-skin contact with full term babies has lots of benefits too -- it (1) better controls a baby's temperature and heartbeat by calming them down and soothing them, (2) regulates breathing because the smell and sound of mum has a calming and settling effect and (3) reduces stress by triggering the release of happy hormones.

You can continue to bond with your baby through sensory contact by incorporating baby massage into your tot's bedtime routine. Apply a moisturising oil to the skin after bath time and use gentle strokes to condition your baby's skin and encourage a better night's sleep.


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