What does Mandarin Oil do?

June 22, 2016

Mandarin oil does more than add a fresh, fruity scent to Mama's Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil. It also tones the skin and encourages marks and scars to fade faster.

This citrus-scented oil is made by pressing the outer peel of Mandarin oranges. The resulting fragrant oil is perfect for blending into natural skincare products because of its crisp scent that adds a touch of sweetness to lotions, balms and moisturisers.

We've combined Mandarin Oil with Shea Butter and Baobab Oil to create an organic stretch-mark treatment that makes the skin feel softer, suppler and stronger. The Mandarin Oil increases circulation on the surface of the skin, which promotes skin renewal and healing, and the citrus scent alleviates the feelings of stress and tension that often affect women in their final trimester of pregnancy. The uplifting fragrance calms and balances the mood and ensures that the skin always smells super-scrumptious.

Massage Mama's Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil onto the skin every day to prevent and reduce stretch marks during pregnancy. Suitable for the baby bump, breasts, thighs and arms, this skin-conditioning treatment is perfect for hydrating parched skin and adding radiance and shine to a lacklustre complexion. Plus, you can continue to use it after the birth as a luxurious moisturiser!


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