Unwind this Easter with Mama's Soothing Bath Soak

March 27, 2016

Been busy with the kids this Easter break? Isn’t it about time you did something to treat yourself? Take this evening to relax and unwind with a dash of Mama’s Soothing Bath Soak.

Combining skin-softening colloidal oatmeal with Epsom salt, lavender and chamomile, this luxurious bath soak is perfect for soothing tired muscles and gently cleansing the skin. Simply add a handful into running water and allow the scented blend to dissolve in the tub while you lie back and let all your cares float away.

Anti-bacterial Mama’s Soothing Bath Soak is especially useful for new mums because it helps to relieve the pain of sore perineal muscles after childbirth and encourages stitches to dissolve. Regularly bathing helps stitches to remain clean, reducing the risk of infection, and the healing water increases blood circulation and reduces swelling. Other ways to reduce the discomfort of stitches are to sit on a doughnut-shaped cushion to relieve the pressure on the area, apply an ice pack to any sore spots and breastfeed lying down rather than sitting up.


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