Treating cradle cap

April 3, 2016

Does your baby have scaly patches of dry skin on their scalp? Don't worry! It's probably just a dry skin condition called cradle cap, which can easily be treated and resolved.

Cradle cap occurs when a baby's glands overproduce an oily substance known as sebum. It's a very common condition among newborn babies (adults can get a mild form of it too, which often reveals itself as dandruff) and it usually clears up on its own. It doesn't hurt so it's not vital that it be treated. However, lots of parents like to help the process along.

A natural way to treat cradle cap is to apply a moisturising oil to the scalp, which softens the scales and makes them easier to remove with a comb or very soft bristle brush. Shea Mooti Baby's Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp Oil is formulated to soothe delicate skin and treat cradle cap gently. A blend of Shea Butter and Borage Oil, this rich oil nourishes the scalp and is quick to absorb. Simply apply to baby's scalp (avoiding the soft fontanelle area) and allow the oil to work itself into the scaly patches for around 20 minutes so they can be lifted away easily.

Don't be tempted to pick at the scales because it can make the area become sore and increase the risk of infection. Order your bottle of Baby's Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp Oil here; once the cradle cap is gone you can use it as a luxurious moisturiser for yourself and baby!


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