Treat swollen ankles with soothing massage

December 18, 2016

Christmas shopping can take a toll on our tootsies but it's especially hard for pregnant mamas who are carrying more weight than usual. A growing baby bump puts extra pressure on the legs, resulting in puffy, swollen ankles that can be painful to the touch.

Here's how to care for your legs and feet after a day out on the high street shopping for festive goodies:

  1. Prevention is better than the cure so always wear the right shoes to begin with! Avoid high heels and opt for cushioned footwear, like trainers, or flats that you feel comfortable in when walking long distances. It's likely your feet have started to swell if you're in the final trimester so wear shoes that don't nip the skin or you'll get blisters and callouses.
  2. Keep a water bottle with you and take regular sips to remain hydrated and reduce water retention. Better yet, make a day of your shopping extravaganza and schedule in some relaxation and respite at a coffee shop with friends. Go on...have a mince pie with your Pumpkin Spice latte too! 
  3. When you get back home elevate your legs to relieve some of the pressure. A couple of pillows will be more than enough to support your tired tootsies.
  4. Use our Soothing Leg & Foot Cream to instantly alleviate soreness and discomfort around the ankle area. The luxurious formulation contains Aloe Vera, re-hydrating Shea butter and stimulating Naiouli oil to relieve itchy skin and cool inflammation. Gently massage the lotion into the skin using upward strokes to reduce swelling.


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