Tips to prevent sore nipples

June 24, 2016

Your nipples might feel sore when you're breastfeeding, especially at the very start. Here's how to prevent and treat any soreness and inflammation that does occur:

  1. Try shifting your position so that baby can latch onto your breast better. You could even nurse lying down if it makes it easier.
  2. Put a cushion under the crook of your arm to lift baby up towards your breast.
  3. If your breasts feel hard and painful you might have produced too much milk, which can make it extra tricky for baby to latch on. Soften your breasts by releasing some of the milk by hand or take a hot shower to encourage the milk to flow out on its own.
  4. You should feel a gentle tug on your nipples when baby has latched on correctly.
  5. If baby has managed to suckle you may be able to see the milk around their mouth. This is a great sign!
  6. Your baby will take quick breaks during a feed so don't force them to keep drinking. Instead offer your breast regularly, before baby becomes ravenous and fussy, so that breastfeeding time doesn't become a negative space.
  7. Your breastmilk has antibacterial properties. If your nipples feel sore you can dab it over the inflamed area to reduce the risk of infection. Try applying Mama's Calming Nipple Balm too. A blend of natural, 100% vegan ingredients, this soothing treatment for sore nipples instantly relieves discomfort and forms a protective seal over the area, helping to prevent infections.


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