Tips for taking a newborn on a long car journey

October 18, 2016

  1. Change, feed and burp your baby just before setting off. That means making sure everything is packed and in the car before the final nappy change and feed. This will maximise the amount of time you'll have on the road to travel uninterupted. 
  2. Always leave early to allow for pit stops, nappy changes, feeds and tantrums that could slow you down along the way. 
  3. If you'll be in the driver's seat you won't be able to immediately attend to all of your your baby's cries, burps and giggles. Fit a baby car mirror opposite your little one's carseat so you can monitor them through your rearview mirror.
  4. Plan your journey by selecting some baby-friendly venues that you can stop at if the need arises. Service stations are ideal for nappy changes, feeds and fuelling up the car but if you're taking a rural route you'll need to plan ahead.
  5. Remember that you shouldn't stop on the hard shoulder for any other reason than an emergency. If your baby is feeling uncomfortable and becoming fussy take the nearest exit and stop somewhere safe where you can take your little one out of the car seat and tend to their needs.
  6. Keep your baby bag within reach during travel -- never put it in the boot because you'll always end up needing it while the car is in motion (if you're a passenger and not the driver of course)! Baby wipes, bottles and a change of clothes should be on hand for every trip you make.
  7. Anxious that the road trip might be a bit too long for your new baby? Why not make a weekend of it and stop over in a hotel for the night. You'll be able to split your journey over two days, making it easier for both you and the baby the handle the hours in transit.
  8. Keep details of your breakdown service in the glove compartment. If any problems arise with your vehicle you'll have the peace of mind that both you and baby will be safe and cared for no matter where you've broken down.



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