Tips for baby's first swim

March 29, 2016

Taking your baby swimming for the first time? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you take along everything you need:

  • Bring along a swimming nappy; disposable swimming diapers are less absorbent than everyday nappies and won’t swell up under water. You can also use a re-usable nappy if you prefer, which is made of the same material as your average swimming costume. (Or layer up and pop a disposable nappy under the re-usable one.)
  • Most pools are happy for very young babies to swim in just their swimming nappy. But if you’d like to use a swimsuit too you can.
  • Go for a session that suits your baby’s schedule. It can be quite useful to take your baby swimming well before nap time – that way they’ll release all their energy in the pool and settle down easily for a sleep straight after.
  • Shower with baby afterwards. If your baby is not too tired head to the showers following your swim to wash off any chlorine. You might like to use a mild Shea Butter soap to delicately cleanse.
  • Take along a light moisturiser. The warmth of the heated pool and the chlorine can make baby’s skin feel dry and itchy so apply a touch of moisturiser afterwards to combat discomfort.
  • Don’t forget your formula! Your baby will probably be ravenous after a quick dip in the pool so make sure you have a bottle ready or breastfeed in the changing rooms. If you’re nursing your baby bring a snack and a drink along for yourself too to encourage your milk to flow.
  • And don’t forget a towel!


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