Things that become harder when you’re pregnant

March 20, 2016

Pregnant and in your final trimester? We bet you recognise all of these pregnancy problems:

  1. Trimming your toenails and any other form of foot care. Say bye bye to nail polish and hello to slip on shoes because tying your laces has become an acrobatic feat.
  2. Walking for long distances can be super-tiring in your final trimester and it can make conditions like pregnancy piles and swollen ankles feel much worse.
  3. Getting to sleep is a nightmare. You’re too hot or too cold, you have indigestion, you need to pee five times an hour and the baby is doing somersaults in your tummy while everyone else is sound asleep. The bad news is this is all prep for when the baby arrives because you’ll be up throughout the night for feeds, burps and nappy changes.
  4. Shoe shopping is almost out of the question because your feet have swollen to the size of watermelons. Trainers and slip on pumps are your best friends.
  5. Feeling comfortable becomes impossible as your due date approaches and your baby bump grows at speed. You’re forced to master the waddle walk and have to sit down extra slowly.
  6. Eating anything, from a piece of dried toast to a simple apple, triggers your indigestion. The heartburn lasts all day and night no matter what you cut out from your diet.


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