The secret skincare weapon for winter

October 13, 2017

Luxuriously rich and moisturising, Mama's Everything Body Balm is our secret skincare weapon, especially when the temperatures drop and the chill in the air leaves our skin feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable. This nourishing salve is perfect for rubbing over a baby bump to reduce stretch marks and is a fantastic all-round product for thirsty skin that the whole family can benefit from.

But did you know this versatile balm doubles as more than just a regular moisturiser? Here's how to make the most of your tub of Mama's Everything Body Balm:

  1. Dab it on a cotton pad and swipe over the eyes for a handy make-up remover.
  2. Slather over chapped lips for instant relief.
  3. Apply to your skin before a swim to protect it from the drying effects of chlorine.
  4. Moisturise into the hands before bed for a night time salve that nourishes, strengthens and protects the fingers and nails.
  5. Use as a massage balm for tired, puffy legs and feet.
  6. Spread over the eyebrows and hairline before using fake tan to protect your hair from staining.
  7. Rub some on the base of your nose to alleviate the soreness of a blocked nose.
  8. Massage into the breasts during those first few days of breastfeeding when the milk ducts are expanding to curb itchiness.
  9. Blend onto the face just before bed for the perfect lavender-scented night cream that encourages a restful night of sleep.
  10. Use as a healing salve on dry patches of eczema.
  11. Work into the hair and scalp for a nourishing overnight hair treatment.


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