Sun Awareness Week

May 10, 2016

Sun Awareness week is an annual campaign spearheaded by the British Association of Dermatologists, which aims to educate people on protecting their skin from the damaging effects of the UV rays emitted by the sun.

Over exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn, sunspots and even skin cancers as well as premature ageing, wrinkles and dryness. Using a sunscreen that protects the body from UV rays (even when it's not sunny outside) can help to reduce the risk of developing these skin-related ailments.

It's especially important for vulnerable groups to apply sunscreen, such as children over 6 months, people with pale complexions who tend to burn rather than tan, red-heads and those who have a history of skin cancer in the family. The key is to apply the sunscreen liberally over exposed areas of the body to create a thick layer of protection and to re-apply frequently.

Use a cooling moisturiser on the skin after a hot day to calm and soothe any redness or irritation that does appear. A blend of skin-conditioning Shea Butter and enriching Baobab Oil, Mama's Everything Body Balm is the perfect after-sun moisturiser. The skin's barrier is weakened by exposure to the sun, which can make it feel drier especially around the elbows, knees and feet, so applying a rich balm over the skin will protect it from becoming cracked too!

Order your tub of Mama's Everything Body Balm here and take a look at our recent handy guides on protecting newborn babies and toddlers from the sun for more specific info and tips.


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