Summer lip balm

May 29, 2016

Did you know that your lips can get chapped even in the hot weather? It's not just blustery winds and the cold that can make our lips feel sore and dry - the UV rays emitted by the sun can result in dehydration and chapping too.

In fact, dehydration is a very common cause of chapped lips and can occur in extremes of temperature. During the summer months our bodies can become dehydrated because we perspire more than usual and we often don't make up for water loss by taking in more liquids.

It's important to use a hydrating balm to alleviate dryness instead of licking your lips. You lose moisture from your lips every time your saliva evaporates off your mouth so licking your lips again and again will only make the problem worse.

Use Mama's Everything Body Balm as a handy salve for chapped lips in the hot weather. The natural moisturising ingredients prevent the skin from becoming dry and form a seal on the lips that protects against damaging winds. Fragranced with lavender, this gorgeously-textured balm instantly soothes chapping, softens the skin and provides a relaxing, floral scent too!


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