Soothe your dry skin with a colloidal oatmeal bath

December 1, 2016

You spent 20 minutes defrosting your car this morning and are wearing three pairs of socks to keep your tootsies warm. Your skin feels as dry as a bone and your joints are achy and tired. Now's the moment to schedule in some 'me time' -- help your muscles to relax and unwind in a healing colloidal oatmeal bath this evening.

A blend of moisturising Shea Butter and anti-inflammatory Organic Baobab Fruit Powder, our Soothing Bath Soak contains skin-softening oatmeal. When ground into a fine powder, this colloidal oatmeal dissolves into warm water and creates a silky emulsion that coats and protects dry skin. The natural starch makes the perfect gentle moisturiser and the antifungal properties cleanse the skin while reducing inflammation.

A warm bath also helps to stimulate circulation, reduce headaches and relax the muscles. Put self care at the top of your list this winter and treat your skin to a luxurious, pampering bath.





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