Smells and baby bedtime

August 18, 2017

Has a particular smell ever brought back memories or changed your mood? From the salty scent of fish and chips, reminding us of days out at the beach, to floral perfumes that trigger memories of grandma, smells can have a direct impact on our emotions.

And this phenomenon is true for babies too, especially when it comes to the unique scent of mama that instantly soothes and calms their mood. Why not use this trick to your advantage by connecting a specific smell to your tots night time routine? 

Scented with lavender, our Snooze Room Drops have a calming effect on both babies and adults. This relaxing fragrance permeates the air and creates the perfect sleep trigger at bed time when combined with other aspects of a night time routine like a bath, book and bottle.

A regular routine means that your little one will anticipate bed time and unwind as each step is completed. Your bubba will soon start to associate the relaxing feeling of a bedtime routine with the smell of lavender and begin to feel sleepy in a room that's scented with the floral fragrance. 

The result? Your baby dozes off quickly and experiences an untroubled night of sleep; perfect for exhausted mums and dads! Plus it makes a fantastic tool for settling a little one in unfamiliar surroundings -- why not take a bottle with you on holiday to make your tot feel secure even in new places?


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