Scalp oil: the perfect post-swim salve for dry hair

May 26, 2016

Swimming is the perfect exercise during pregnancy because it's a low impact sport. The water cushions your body and protects your joints, which is especially useful when you're carrying more weight than usual. Plus it's heaps of fun!

However, the clorine in a swimming pool can make your hair become brittle and dry by stripping it of its natural oils.  Lots of committed swimmers wear swimming caps to prevent their hair from becoming damaged by chlorinated water. But if you're not someone who swims everyday you might not want to wear a cap.

If you've been for a dip in the pool apply some Rub-a-Bye Scalp and Body Oil to your hair to replenish lost oils. A combination of Baobab and Borage Seed Oil, this hydrating blend soaks into the hair and nourishes the scalp. For best results apply it to your hair before bed and allow the oils to work their moisturising magic overnight. Then wash off in the shower in the morning with a mild shampoo.

You could also apply it before your swim to minimise water entry so that your hair is protected during your dip in the pool or use it as a hair glosser once it's dry - simply add a few drops to your palms and rub your hands over the ends of your hair to make it look shiny and healthy.


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