Remedies for swollen feet

April 12, 2016

Swollen feet and ankles are a common symptom of pregnancy. If your feet are killing you and your legs feel itchy, tired and uncomfortable here's what to do:

  1. Elevate your legs as often as you can to relieve some of the pressure. If you're working in an office try propping your feet up on a tall stool under your desk.
  2. Massage your calves, ankles and feet with Mama's Soothing Leg & Foot Cream. The gentle stroking action of moving the hands up from the feet towards the knees will help to reduce puffiness and pain. And the anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera in the cooling moisturiser will alleviate itchiness and soften the skin.
  3. Rest as often as possible. Although this isn't easy when you have a job and other children to look after, it's very important that you practice self care by taking lots of breaks and resting up. Remember that standing up for long periods of time can make the ankles swell and hurt.
  4. Wear good shoes! We promise your feet and ankles will thank you for wearing comfortable shoes. You may even need to wear shoes that are a size larger or wider than your normal size as you get closer to your due date to accommodate for the swelling. Tight shoes will pinch your feet and could even cause blisters.
  5. Exercise your feet. Rotate each foot in a circle and bend and stretch to improve blood circulation.


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