Organic swim balm

May 12, 2016

Summer swimming is tonnes of fun but it can dry out the skin and leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable. Protect your skin from chlorinated pool water by using a moisturising balm before and after your swim.

Mama's Everything Body Balm is made from a blend of natural ingredients derived from plants, such as skin-nourishing Shea Butter and Mandarin Oil. This richly-textured moisturiser creates a barrier on the surface of the skin that prevents tight swimwear from irritating it, making it ideal for preventing the chafing and rubbing that can often occur when taking regular dips in the pool. The non-greasy barrier also helps to reduce the risk of swim rashes and general dryness.

You can even apply the balm to your forehead to make it easier to pull on and take off your swimming cap.

Use Mama's Everything Body Balm as a post-swim moisturiser immediately after showering too (it's important to shower first to remove the chlorine from the body because it can dry out the skin and hair if it remains on the surface).

If you're taking your baby to the pool for the first time, use Baby's Everything Body Balm on your little one's skin. This version of the hydrating balm is free from fragrances, making it perfect for baby's delicate skin and people who suffer with skin sensitivities.



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