Natural ways to treat nappy rash

December 16, 2016

Nappy rash is no fun! Here are four ways to get rid of it fast:

Go commando

Give your little one a break from that diaper to allow the air to circulate around their rash and encourage swifter healing. Put down an absorbent mat or towel to catch any accidents. 

Choose water over wipes

Wash the inflamed area with clean, warm water (rather than using wipes) and pat dry with a towel before putting on a new nappy. This will remove any residue left behind on the skin and will result in a cleaner tushie, which will in turn reduce the risk of infection.

Waterproof the area

Apply an emollient over the nappy rash to create a waterproof seal over the inflammation. Baby's Everything Body Balm is ideal because it's made with natural ingredients, like moisturising Shea Butter, that are gentle on delicate skin and soothe itchiness and discomfort. The balm will immediately relieve soreness and make your bubba smile again without the need for nasty chemicals and additives that can irritate baby-soft skin.

Towel up

Switching to towel nappies can help too. Because they are less absorbent than regular diapers, you'll be forced to change them more frequently, therefore reducing the amount of time that your baby's skin remains in contact with irritants.


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