Morning sickness remedies that work

April 18, 2017

You're going to be a parent in nine months! Hooray! But before you get to hold that bundle of joy in your arms there's the small matter of a trimester of morning sickness to deal with.

It's extremely common for mamas-to-be to feel sick, nauseous and tired during the first three months of pregnancy. Anything from the whiff of a certain fragrance, foodstuff or cigarette smoke can trigger a flare-up, rendering you as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Here are some tried and tested techniques to alleviating morning sickness:

  1. Smell a lemon! The citrusy scent of lemons, limes and oranges can cut through the heavy exhaustion of morning sickness. The fresh fragrance might uplift your mood too.
  2. Sip a herbal tea! Mint tea and ginger tea are perfect for settling an upset stomach. Plus, you'll also avoid the caffeine found in regular tea and coffee.
  3. Put the toaster on! Nibble on a dry piece of toast or a cracker to combat nausea. Keep some crackers or simple biscuits on your bedside so you can eat some as soon as you wake up and stave off that morning sickness.
  4. Go outside! A bit of fresh air does wonders for the mind and body. Escape from the air-conditioned office and go for a walk around the block.
  5. Steer clear of the kitchen! If the smell of onions or just the idea of cooking makes you feel ill take a step back from cooking duties if you can. Eating cold foods, like sandwiches or pasta salads, are less likely to trigger the onset of nausea than fried or fatty foods.
  6. Switch to unscented! Use unscented beauty products, like our moisturiser and soap for mums and babies.These fragrance-free salves for the skin won't irritate your olfactory and bring on the nausea like other products that contain floral scents and chemicals.


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