Managing teething rash

March 17, 2017

Drooling, flushed cheeks and general fussiness are three common sign of teething. Add sore gums and gnawing at everything within their reach (including their own chubby fingers) to the mix and you can be certain that your little one is cutting teeth.

A rash across the chin caused by excessive drooling is another common teething complaint. Here's how to manage teething rash:

  1. Wipe your baby's face often to remove drool with a clean tissue and do your best to keep the area dry.
  2. You can also use plain water to wash the drool away and pat the skin dry.
  3. Avoid using baby wipes that contain alcohol to cleanse your baby's face with because they can dry out the skin and make a rash feel worse.
  4. Don't rub the skin as this can exacerbate soreness.
  5. Make sure to catch any dribbles that fall onto the neck and chest. Babies can develop a rash in the folds of their neck too so wipe the area clean with water and dry thoroughly. Drool that's left to collect in folds of skin can begin to smell bad.
  6. At bath time use our mild soap to cleanse the skin. A blend of moisturising Shea Butter and natural oils, this unscented soap is formulated with babies in mind.

Try some of the easy teething remedies we've mentioned in this previous blog to keep teething pain at bay.



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