Mama's Everything Body Balm; a natural multipurpose moisturiser

April 16, 2016

Swift cups of tea, speedy nappy changes and rapid showers; time is of the essence when you're a new mum because a little person is relying on you for their every need. So who's got the patience (or the spare time) to apply an assortment of moisturisers each day? From day creams and under eye lotions to night repair formulations and foot balms, there seems to be a moisturiser invented for every part of the body.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if there was a single multipurpose moisturiser that did it all? Let us introduce Mama's Everything Body Balm! This richly-textured moisturiser has a billion and one uses (ok, perhaps not a billion, but definitely a lot!), easily making it the champion skincare product in our award-winning range.

A blend of Shea Butter and hydrating oils, Mama's Everything Body Balm can be used all over the body as a daily moisturiser. It also makes a fantastic lip salve, face cream, eye make up remover, nourishing treatment for cracked heels, anti-chafe ointment and wrinkle remedy! You can also use it to soothe itchy eczema, manage dermatitis and soften the cuticles on the nail bed. Plus it makes a useful moisturiser for reducing the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks across the baby bump, breasts and thighs as well as an overnight hand cream, massage balm and luxurious treatment for dry elbows. And if you run out of nappy rash cream, it makes a 100% natural alternative to diaper rash ointment (especially the fragrance-free version for babies, which is super-gentle on the skin).

Have we sold it to you? Order your tub of Mama's Everything Body Balm here!


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