It's National Eczema Week!

September 21, 2016

National Eczema Week is back! Organised by the National Eczema Society, this year's campaign will focus on the emotional toll that that the skin condition can have on sufferers, parents and carers.

The aim of the 2016 campaign tagline, Mind MY Eczema, is to highlight the psychological, rather than the physical, impact that eczema can have on the whole family. 

Many parents can feel overwhelmed, worried and anxious about caring for a child with a skin condition. These concerns can adversely affect their mental health and have a negative effect on their wellbeing. Organisers of the initiative want to stress that these issues are often sidelined in favour of the physical realities of dealing with eczema.

If you're the parent or carer of a child with eczema it's important to take care of yourself so you can better care for your child's physical and emotional needs.

Here are five simple self-care techniques that you can use today:

Get talking

Find a support group or simply speak to a friend about your worries. Discussing your fears can often help to allay your anxieties.

Go out

Staying stuck indoors with the same routine will only help your negative thoughts to fester. Go for walk in the park to get some fresh air and clear your head.

Get mindful

Stop what you're doing and invest in your mental health by meditating in the mornings or simply taking five minutes to yourself to have a cup of tea and consider your day's activities.

Get organised

A cluttered home and workspace will only complicate your emotions. Gain some clarity by having a clear out and organising all your child's doctor's appointment and letters in one handy spot to avoid feeling overwhelmed by pieces of important paper.

Get learning

Learn how to manage eczema and swot up on simple tips and techniques that can help to relieve the itch the natural way. Why not get started here?



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