Is soap making my baby's eczema worse?

August 4, 2017

Ever read the back of a regular bar of soap? looks like a load of gobbledygook doesn't it? Packed full of synthetic ingredients, additives and fragrances, many highstreet soaps lather up wonderfully and have a sweet scent. However, there are some downsides to using these cleansers on delicate baby skin -- in fact, these very products might be making your bubba's eczema worse. But why?

Harsh soaps can dry out the skin unecessarily, stripping it of its natural protective oils, which is the opposite of what you want if your baby is suffering with eczema. Chemical fragrances can make sore skin feel worse and cause it to sting, especially if your little one has been scratching the affected area and it has started to bleed.

Soap and bubble bath can exacerbate eczema symptoms so try not to bathe your child too often (and always use warm rather than hot water). Plus, as the NHS advises, it's best to stick to using fragrance-free soaps, shampoo and bath oil. 

Baby's Pure Shea Butter Soap is specially formulated for a baby's soft skin and contains only virgin Shea Butter and natural moisturisers, like coconut, sunflower and olive oils. It's fragrance-free so it won't trigger a flare up and it creates a rich lather without the use of those harsh chemicals found in other cleansers.

Switch to using this soap at your baby's bath time to protect, nourish and soothe your tot's skin the safe way. Follow up with a rich emollient, like Baby's Everything Body Balm, to lock in the moisture and add an extra layer of protection. This luxuriously-rich salve is fragrance-free too and its blend of natural ingredients heals temperamental skin.


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