How to survive a road trip with the kids

April 29, 2016

Planning a family road trip over the Bank Holiday weekend? Organisation and preparation is essential if you have small children who need to be entertained along the way. Here are our tips on making your car journey as stress-free as possible:

  1. Pack in advance and load up your car the night before travel. This will give you fewer things to do on the morning of the trip and free up some time to complete any last-minute jobs that crop up.
  2. Dress the kids in suitable clothes. It might be cold and windy outside but the inside of your car will be super toastie. Dress the children in light layers so they don't overheat and become grouchy.
  3. Take along a seperate bag with toys. Every 15-30 minutes or so allow your child to dip into the bag for a different toy to keep them entertained.
  4. Bring crayons and paper. Ask your child to draw something that they can see out of the window. Join in and make it a timed competition to see who can draw the fastest.
  5. Take along a singalong CD. Pre-school age children love singing along to nursery rhymes, especially if mum and dad get involved.
  6. Charge up your tablet. If things get unbearable let your child play a game or watch a movie.
  7. Stuff your baby bag with lots of extra clothes and nappies. If you'll be driving for long stretches of time make sure that you take some nappy rash balm with you. Your baby could get diaper rash if you can't make a stop to change their nappy as regularly as usual.
  8. Have lots of snack options! Hungry children = grumpy children. Make sure you bring along lots of healthy treats and drinks (the back seat can get hot and uncomfortable for kids, especially on long journeys so staying hydrated is important).
  9. Take regular breaks. Pee breaks are essential when travelling with children. Before your trip begins map out suitable pit stops where you can stretch your legs and visit the loo.


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