How to stop your breasts from feeling itchy during pregnancy

January 4, 2017

Now that you've entered into the final trimester of your pregnancy you might find that your breasts have begun to feel itchy, uncomfortable, tender and heavier than usual. These changes occurs because your milk ducts are expanding, there's an increased bloodflow to your breasts and your milk-producing cells are getting bigger.

So how can you alleviate this discomfort? Here are five ways to stop your breasts from feeling itchy during pregnancy:

  1. Choose a well-fitting bra. If you're bra is a size too small you may find that the underwire is digging into your breasts and causing pain, especially around areas that become more tender than usual. Get measured professionally and invest in a good quality bra that will see you through your pregnancy. Sometimes the support of a good bra can reduce night-time discomfort if you wear it in bed.
  2. Wear cotton undergarments. Opt for vests, bras and t-shirts that are made of natural materials like cotton that won't irritate the skin over synthetic alternatives.
  3. Try not to scratch! Itching tender skin can make it feel much worse. Instead....
  4. Moisturise daily. Your skin is stretching to make room for your growing milk ducts and increased blood supply, which can make your breasts feel tight and tingly. Moisturising the area every day will reduce dryness and instantly soothe the itch. Mama's Everything Body Balm makes for the perfect salve because it combines hydrating Shea Butter with nutrient-rich organic oils that soften and protect the skin. 
  5. Condition your nipples. Apply Mama's Calming Nipple Balm to your nipples to prevent soreness and cracks. The healing blend of Organic Coconut, Pomegranate and Calendula Oils will replenish, nourish and revitalise your skin.


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