How to rest in pregnancy when you're already a mum

May 13, 2016

If you're a mum of one and are expecting a second baby you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. The first time round you only had yourself to think about but this pregnancy is proving to be a little trickier because you have a baby who's making demands on your time.

Getting some rest can be challenging when you have a kid, especially if you're pregnant and experiencing tiredness, morning sickness and nausea. Nevertheless, it's important to rise to that challenge and carve away some 'me-time' for yourself so that your mind and body can relax. After all, a happy mummy is more likely to have a swifter and happier birth and baby.

  • The first thing is to enlist help. Your partner, parents and friends can all be roped into baby sitting so you can go have a nap or simply chill out with a cuppa.
  • Set up play dates with other mums and children. Let your friends know that you need some rest and they'll happily keep an eye on your little one as well as their own child.
  • Change your routine and do active things in the morning so that by the time the afternoon comes your child is ready for a kip or just a sit down on the sofa and a cartoon.
  • Think about childcare or pre-schools. If your child is old enough for pre-school you might be able to get a space for just a morning every week to give you a precious few hours to do whatever you want! Contact your local children's centre and see if they can help. Some offer classes for parents that provide supervised childcare for free!
  • Get someone else to do the chores to free up your time.
  • Pop a kid's movie on and lounge on the sofa. That's at least an hour of time where you won't have to get up.
  • Go to bed at the same time as your child instead of staying up a bit longer. You'll feel fresher for it in the morning!


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