How to plan the perfect Christmas when you've just had a baby

December 2, 2016

Want to make your baby's first Christmas one to remember? But stuck with night feeds and nappies? Here's how to create an unforgettable family Christmas when you're tired and have little, if any, spare time:

Start early

You've got just over three weeks to shop for gifts and online shopping is the only way it's going to get done when you have a newborn to care for. Make purchases on your phone while you breastfeed to kill two birds with one stone. Double up on gifts from one store and you can save on postage as well as make the most of special offers.  We've got a 10% off deal here.

Take shortcuts

Can you order your presents ready-wrapped? Do it! Pre-stuffed turkey? Get one! Pre-prepped brussels? Put 'em on your online grocery list in advance, set the delivery time and await your Christmas feast.

Get help

Friends and family will be itching to see the baby, giving you the chance to get dressed up for the day (or simply take a long, hot shower; remember them?).  Get your partner to do the cooking and put your feet up by the fire with your little one. Caring for your baby is more important than making bread sauce and it'll give you some time to take a few festive baby and mama selfies.

Relax and create your own Christmas traditions

Your baby's mood will match your own. Take things easy, enjoy the day with family and friends and your little one will feel safe, secure and happy. Plus, you're a little family now, which means you can make up some new Christmas traditions to suit your family unit. If you want to wear pyjamas all day, go ahead and do it!



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