How to manage baby eczema

July 28, 2017

Baby eczema is upsetting for both bubbas and mamas. Here's how to manage it:
  1. The most effective way to manage baby eczema is to keep the skin hydrated as much as possible with a regular moisturising routine. Make it a habit to moisturise your baby's skin throughout the day to prevent flare-ups, reduce irritation and alleviate soreness.
  2. Be careful at bath time by keeping baths short and ensuring that the water in the tub is at a moderate temperature. Hot water will draw moisture from the skin and the longer your bubba spends in the tub the drier their skin will become. Swirl a touch of Baby's Soothing Bath Soak into the tub to create a soothing elixir for the skin. A healing combination of natural ingredients, this moisturising soak helps to soothe and comfort itchy, scratchy and dry skin. One of the key ingredients, colloidal oatmeal, has anti-inflammatory properties that cleanse, buffer and protect the skin from irritants.
  3. Dry your baby's skin well after bathtime because wet patches can cause chafing and soreness. For little one's that might be drooling more because of teething, try to wipe away any saliva (particularly around the folds of the neck and chin) to keep their skin dry. Click here for more on dealing with teething rash.
  4. Keep your baby's nails short so they can't scratch at their itchy skin and make a rash worse. Also dress them in clothing made of natural materials like cotton and linen that won't irritate the skin.


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