How to keep your baby cool at night this heatwave

July 20, 2016

Although summer heatwaves make for fantastic barbecues, picnics and days out, the hot and stuffy nights can make bedtime unbearable for young children. 

Lots of babies and toddlers can feel overwhelmed by the sticky heat and the oppressive temperature, which makes it hard for them to settle and sleep.

Here are some simple tips to helping your child feel cooler at night during this July heatwave:

Dress your baby appropriately. Steer clear of full bodysuits and opt for cotton vests that allow the air to circulate. Remove extra bedding and choose a light sheet or cellular blanket so that your little one doesn't overheat. Remember your baby will also be wearing a nappy, which can make them feel extra hot and uncomfortable too. If the temperatures get very high then you can put your baby to sleep in just a diaper.

Use a fan. Simple desk fans or even a taller pedestal fan are perfect for cooling a room down at bedtime while you get your bubba to nod off. The cooling breeze will take the edge off the heat. Once baby is asleep turn the fan off -- don't leave it on overnight!

Close the curtains well before bedtime. Closing the curtains early will allow the temperature in the bedroom to drop a little. Heavy curtains that block the sunlight are perfect for keeping the room cool. You could also open the windows but always double check that older children can't reach them in the night, especially if they are larger casement windows that open outwards.

Offer regular drinks. Stave away thirst by offering your baby a feed -- if you are exclusively breastfeeding remember that your breast milk should be more than enough to keep your little one hydrated at night because it's mostly made up of water. For older children who use sippy cups make sure you have a drink available by their bedside so they can take a sip as they need it.



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