How to handle embarrassing pregnancy problems

June 28, 2017

Itchy breasts, constipation and weakened bladder control? Here’s how to handle those common pregnancy complaints that are too embarrassing to talk about.


Hormone changes and a rise in progesterone cause pregnant women to become constipated, even if they stick to their normal pre-pregnancy eating habits. Drink lots of water and increase your fibre intake by eating wholegrains, prunes, pears and bran, to alleviate constipation or you might develop…


Painful and uncomfortable, haemorrhoids (or piles) can make every visit to the loo feel like an absolute nightmare. Causes include straining on the toilet (because of constipation) and the excess baby weight bearing down on the bottom half of your body. Don’t spend too long sitting on the toilet and try to eat high fibre foods to make going to the loo easier. But beware of…


All that extra fibre, from beans, legumes and cruciferous veggies like broccoli, will unfortunately create more gas. Actually, many women report feeling gassier even when they haven’t altered their diet.

Poor bladder control

The only thing that makes stress incontinence bearable is that no one can see it happening. A simple sneeze, cough or hearty laugh can trigger a leak. Try going to the loo before you feel the need to empty out your bladder and reduce the risk.

Itchy breasts

Developing milk ducts and gaining pregnancy weight make your skin feel itchy as it stretches, especially close to the underwire on your bra and around the nipples. Apply Calming Nipple Balm to the breasts and nipples to alleviate that annoying itch instantly. You can use it after the baby’s born too to soothe cracked nipples both before and after breastfeeding too.

Swollen feet

Feet look like hams? It’s so embarrassing when your feet expand in your shoes and look like proving doughballs overflowing out of their container. Resting and putting your feet up will lessen the swelling. Daily massage with a conditioning oil or soothing moisturiser will reduce water retention too.


Perspiring more than normal is part and parcel of pregnancy. Wear loose clothing, preferably made of natural materials like cotton and linen, to keep yourself cool.

Facial Hair

Yes, you’ve got a glossy mane of hair on your head but what about all that extra growth on your chin and upper lip? If you want to experience the benefits of a healthier hairdo you’ll sadly have to accept the negatives of having a beard and a moustache too until your due date.

Burping and indigestion

Sometimes even dry toast can trigger heartburn and involuntary burps in the middle of the office meeting. Steer clear of oily, fatty and greasy foods to keep indigestion at bay, sip milk and use extra pillows at night to prop yourself up.



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