How to handle eczema on the hands

April 5, 2016

Sore, dry and itchy hands can ruin the best of days. Eczema on the hands and fingers can also sting and feel tight, making it a challenge to get through the basics of the day, especially if you have young children and are changing lots of nappies, cleaning dirty faces and wiping runny noses. So what can you do to control your eczema and prevent a flare up?

Contact with irritants and allergens, like chemical cleaning products and synthetic perfumes, can make eczema worse so steering clear of them is a good place to begin. Hand washing can also dry out the skin, especially if you use a harsh soap or liquid hand wash that contains foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), but the reality is that there's no way of avoiding it.

It's important to keep our hands clean to reduce the spread of germs but one thing we can do to prevent triggering and exacerbating eczema is to use a gentle cleanser that moisturises and protects the skin. The mild ingredients in Baby's Pure Shea Butter Soap nourish the hands and leave a gorgeously soft sheen on the surface that attracts moisture. This natural soap is free from fragrances, which means it won't sting the hands, and the enriched blend of Virgin Shea Butter and Fairtrade Oils creates a creamy lather that's both luxurious and mild. Formulated for a baby's delicate skin, it's also perfect for grown ups who want to treat their hands with the care they deserve. Order your bar of Shea Mooti soap here!


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