How to get your child to stop scratching their eczema

March 15, 2016

Ways to help your infant deal with eczema.

  1. Prevent a flare up by keeping the house cool, dressing your child in loose cotton clothing and avoiding harsh cleansers and soaps that can exacerbate the itch. Use a natural soap instead that isn’t fragranced.
  2. Distract them with a fun activity so they forget about the itch.
  3. Regularly apply a soothing moisturiser that combats the itch and creates an emollient barrier on the skin.
  4. Play a game that keeps their hands busy, such as building with lego.
  5. Have a chat with them about their eczema and explain why it’s so important that they don’t scratch their skin without getting in to too much detail.
  6. Make sure you keep your child’s fingernails clipped so even if they do start scratching it won’t damage their skin.
  7. Apply a cold compress or ice cube to any spots that are particularly itchy to instantly soothe and cool the area.
  8. Keep pets out of your child’s bedroom as cats and dogs can trigger allergies and eczema flare-ups.
  9. Use stickers for encouragement! Whenever your child holds back from scratching their eczema reward them with a sticker for good behaviour.
  10. Add up all the good behaviour stars and let your child choose a treat, such as a day at the zoo or a mini party at home.


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