How to get rid of head lice naturally

November 7, 2016

Does your child keep getting head lice? Sick of using smelly chemical-based shampoos to get rid of them? Try eliminating them the natural way with a fine tooth comb and some conditioning hair oil. 

Although this method takes a bit of elbow grease and can be time consuming, it's the most effective non-chemical way to get rid of head lice.

  1. Get yourself a nit comb -- the fine teeth will allow you to catch any lice and eggs better than an ordinary comb with wider teeth.
  2. It's a good idea to keep a toy nearby or set up an activity that your little one can get busy with while you tackle those lice. Head lice removal can take a while and it's likely your bubba will start squirming and be desperate to get away before you've finished.
  3. Wash your child's hair and apply plenty of conditioner to make it easier to comb. You can also apply Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp Oil straight through from the root to the tip to ensure that your nit comb runs down smoothly and catches as many nits or adult lice as possible. The conditioning oil will prevent the lice from moving, making it easier to detect and catch them.
  4. Quickly dispose of any lice and eggs that you do catch in a tissue and comb the hair once again to pick up on any strays.
  5. Be consistent and continue to comb through your child's hair regularly to eliminate all the nits. The NHS recommends that you continue to practice wet combing on day 5, 9 and 13 to check that you haven't missed anything.
  6. Always follow up with a final check a few days later to guarantee that you've detected and eliminated any lice or eggs. If not, then start from the beginning again and repeat the steps.


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