How to deal with a fussy toddler at bedtime

July 2, 2016

Is your toddler making bedtime feel like a war zone? Here are some tips on how to get through it:

Remember your routine

Do your best to continue with the same routine as normal in the last hour or so that leads up to bed time. Give your little one a bath, read a book, offer a warm drink and turn down the lights to create a restful atmosphere. It's these small habits that act as signals to your child that bedtime is approaching. If you try to speed up this process and miss bits out it can make a fussy toddler feel confused.

Try massage

Apply a massage oil to your toddler's skin during wind down time. The relaxing feeling and the restful setting will encourage slumber. It's the perfect sleep trigger.

Offer praise

Be sure to praise your toddler for completing simple tasks like brushing their teeth. If you're in a happy mood it might just rub off on your bubba. Smile away any irritability.

Shift bedtime to an hour later

It could be that your child just isn't tired enough for bed when you want him/her to be. If your little one isn't showing signs of being tired, such as yawning a lot or rubbing their eyes, try moving bedtime to an hour later and see if that makes life easier.





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