How long does it take stretch marks to fade?

January 11, 2017

Common in pregnancy, stretch marks occur when the skin is forced to expand to make room for a growing baby bump. Not every woman develops them, but most do, especially across the tummy and breasts.

When stretch marks first appear they look like thin uneven lines on the skin that are red or purple in colour. Over time this redness fades and dulls to a shade that’s closer to the natural skin tone. The length of this process is different from person to person and is largely reliant on genetics.

However, there is one key thing you can do to encourage stretch marks to fade faster; moisturise.

Nourishing the skin with a rich emollient or oil helps to strengthen, soften and protect the dermis. A regular moisturising routine also balances out an uneven complexion, helping it to look uniform and fresh.

Mama’s Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil is packed full of natural moisturising agents, like Baobab Oil, which instantly lend a subtle radiance and shine to the skin. Daily use makes the skin feel suppler and reduces the appearance of stretch marks across the tummy, breasts and thighs.

Better yet, the whole family can use it to reduce the risk of developing stretch marks, from teenagers going through growth spurts to weightlifting dads who are trying to gain some muscle mass.

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