How long does it take for nappy rash to heal?

June 1, 2016

Opening up your baby's diaper to find a severe case of nappy rash can be very worrying for new parents. Red, inflamed and sore skin makes for a very grumpy baby too. The good news is that with the proper care nappy rash will go away after 2-3 days. Here's how to guarantee that your little one's bottom gets the TLC it needs and encourage nappy rash to clear up faster:

  1. First things first - cleanse your baby's bottom properly with fresh water. You can use unscented alcohol-free wipes too. Steer clear of fragranced wipes because the ingredients can irritate a baby's delicate skin and cause the affected area to sting.
  2. Pay dry your baby's skin to remove excess moisture and apply a nappy rash balm to the skin to create a barrier on the surface that prevents irritants from getting in. Baby's Everything Body Balm is perfect because it's unscented and it moisturises inflamed areas, helping to instantly soothe and calm redness. Each ingredient in the moisturising blend is natural and plant-derived, making it super-gentle and mild.
  3. Don't use talcum powder to dry your baby's skin because this can again irritate a rash and cause further discomfort.
  4. Change your baby's nappy as quickly as you can after it becomes soiled. The longer that the skin remains in contact with irritants, the greater the chance of exacerbating a rash. It's vital that you change a dirty diaper for a clean one as soon as possible to prevent another flare-up.
  5. Allow your baby to be nappy-free for a few minutes each day so that fresh air can get to the affected area.
  6. Give your baby a bath in warm water to guarantee that their bottom is fully cleansed.

Follow these tips to eliminate nappy rash and your little one's tush will soon be back to it's old self again!


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