Happy Father's Day!

June 19, 2016

What are your plans this Father's Day? Why not treat a new daddy to some gorgeous Sheamooti skincare products and create a personalised hamper for papa and baby that helps them to bond at bath time?

All our products are suitable for the entire family so there's no reason why dad shouldn't get a look in and experience the skin-conditioning benefits of our natural balms, oils and moisturisers. Here are some bath time ideas to get you started:

Pure Shea Butter Soap

This versatile soap is super-moisturising, making it perfect for soothing dry, tight and chapped skin. It cleanses gently and leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. Better yet, it's ideal for using on the face after shaving because it doesn't irritate razor burn. Simply lather it up between the hands and rub over the face in circular motions to cleanse and help remove ingrown hairs over the five o-clock shadow area. Formulated for baby's delicate skin, this mild soap is great for bath time because it has a creamy texture that doesn't make the skin feel slippy, which leads to a safer dip in the tub for baby and daddy.

Baby's Everything Balm

A blend of skin-softening shea butter and natural oils, this luscious balm is a luxurious salve for dry skin. Apply immediately after showering on damp skin to lock-in moisture and soften dry elbows and cracked heels. Plus, because this moisturiser doesn't have a scent it's perfect for dads!

Remember that bath time can be one area of parenting that dad can wholeheartedly take part in. The warm water on baby's skin and the relaxing sounds of the evening provide the ideal setting for a new pops and bubba to spend some quality time together. 


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