Fragrance-free belly massage oil for pregnancy

September 22, 2017

Are the smells you used to love driving you up the wall now you're expecting a baby? It's normal for your olfactory to go a bit bananas during pregnancy because of hormone changes -- anything from the smell of fresh coffee and roast chicken to your other's half's regular cologne can exacerbate headaches, nausea and morning sickness.

In fact, many mums-to-be find that their usual beauty products, scented with synthetic floral fragrances, make them feel uncomfortable in their own skin. So what's a mama to do when stretch marks are on the horizon but every pregnancy belly oil on the market makes her feel sick?

Safeguard your schnozzle and choose an unscented belly oil from our award-winning range to pamper that baby bump and reduce the risk of developing stretch marks! Baby's Rub-a-a-Bye-Body & Scalp Oil doubles as a soothing moisturiser for babies and a rich nourishing skin salve for mummies-to-be. A blend of natural healing oils, this fragrance-free treat for the skin is perfect for mama's whose pregnancy nausea is triggered by synthetic fragrances.

Simply warm the oil between your palms before rubbing over your tummy, breasts and thighs to instantly alleviate itchiness, moisturise and soothe your skin in one fell swoop.

Pregnancy can feel like such a slog; isn't it about time you scheduled in a daily pampering treat for your skin? And after the birth, your bubba can get a piece of the skincare action too! Apply to your little one's scalp to reduce cradle cap and over the skin to keep dryness at bay.

Order your bottle of Baby's Rub-a-a-Bye-Body & Scalp Oil here.


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