Foolproof hiding places for Christmas gifts

December 7, 2016

Kids turn into detectives in December. On a mission to track down their presents in advance of Christmas Day, they'll do anything to find some festive loot. Hiding the presents under the bed only leads to this scenario: a bedroom full of torn wrapping paper, a pair of tiny legs sticking out from under the bedstead and the muffled sound of cheeky giggling.

Here are some other ideas on where to hide those pressies:

Car boot

If you've got a garage to park your car in safely overnight pop the presents in the boot and cover them up with an old blanket. The kids won't even think to head outside of the house and as long as you keep the keys hidden from their mitts they'll have no way of busting into the car and finding their Crimbo haul.

Locked suitcases

Get the biggest suitcase you've got, fill it with presents and padlock it. Yes, the padlock will be a dead give away that there's something interesting inside but at least you'll be able to keep the kids out and surprise them properly on Christmas Day.

Scary places

Put the pressies in a bin bag and place them in the attic. There's no way your children will be able to get up there unless they have help from an older teenager. The cupboard under the stairs can also be quite scary for little children, especially if you remove the lightbulb after you've stashed the presents away.

Boring containers

If you store things in baskets and boxes around the house anyway, empty them out and replace the contents with gifts. If everything looks the same as always from the outside you'll be safely hiding the presents right under your children's noses. Better yet, hide the gifts in their room -- it'll be the last place they'll ever think to look.


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