First weaning foods

October 11, 2016

Quick and easy weaning foods for 6 month old babies

  1. Greek yoghurt mixed with mashed pear, apple or other soft fruits.
  2. Mashed butternut squash with banana.
  3. Cooked and blended carrot.
  4. Ripe avocado.
  5. Cooked down fresh apples or pears.
  6. Wholemilk yoghurt.
  7. Ground baby rice with breast milk or cow's milk (remember cow's milk shouldn't be given to babies as a drink until they are at least a year old).

Tips: Don't add sugar, sweetener or salt to your baby food. Steer clear of honey too until your baby is a year old. Don't give your little one 'low fat' foods either -- your baby requires full fat foods to encourage healthy growth.

Food remedies for teething babies:

  1. A big chunk of raw carrot is perfect for gnawing on.
  2. Try a crunchy rice cake.
  3. Home made ice lollies made of breast milk (momsicles) numb the gums and reduce pain.
  4. A chewy piece of bagel.
  5. Frozen chunks of cucumber.



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