Fast teething remedies

April 19, 2016

Here are some simple remedies to helping baby deal with sore gums and the arrival of new teeth:

  1. Distract baby with a walk outside, a cartoon or a game. A bath can also divert their attention away from the pain and the warm water will relax and soothe. Try adding a touch of Baby's Soothing Bath Soak to the tub to create a moisturising elixer for baby's skin.
  2. Any type of hard food that has a little bit of give is perfect for baby to bite down on. A cold chunk of carrot, a toasted bagel or a piece of rusk is ideal for gnawing on and easy to carry in your baby bag.
  3. Press a clean finger over baby's gum's and rub along the gum line. The pressure will help to relieve the teething pain.
  4. Cold food like a yoghurt that's been in the fridge can help to numb the pain too. If you like the idea of baby led weaning let your bubba eat the yoghurt with his/her fingers. It'll be messy but it's also a great distraction.
  5. Why not freeze a tube of yoghurt so it becomes a delicious lolly that doubles up as a treat and a teething aid....
  6. or freeze some of your breast milk in a lolly mould to create 'momsicles'! That way you can avoid excess sugar and baby gets some comforting breast milk and a solution to the torment of teething.
  7. Breastfeeding is a super-quick way to soothe a teething baby. However, teething babies can often bite down on mama's nipples to relieve their discomfort, which puts poor mum in pain instead. If your nipples have become sore because your little one is cutting teeth use Mama's Calming Nipple Balm to protect your nipples from cracking and to instantly soothe the area.


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